Mercury retrograde is observed three times a year. This movement of the mercury in the opposite direction as viewed from earth is not considered a good sign by many. One of the reasons for this being that mercury at this time is rather weak and new possibilities do not flourish at this time of the year. In the year 2014, mercury retrograde is predicted in February, June and October, as supposed for the current year and it will last for about 21 days.

To be precise the 2014 mercury retrograde dates are February 6th Fee later part of the year February 28th in the first quarter of the year. The second mercury retrograde starts on the 7th of June and lasts till the 1th of July while in the final retrograde occurs. It is predicted to be between the 4th of October and the 25th of the month.

It is considered as the most frustrating event of the planets as the minor setbacks that we see in our lives and the most troublesome weeks are most often attributed to the mercury retrograde. With the dates of the mercury retrograde 2014 it is easier make a plan for the next year. No matter what it is best to avoid starting new ventures or entering into new deals during the mentioned three periods of the year. As it is said that it is not a wise idea to get our favorite electronic equipments during that time of the year, why not save up that extra money to avoid having to force yourself into any such circumstance during that time of the year?